Welcome to East Price Hill

Considered "deeply rooted" and "a gem of Cincinnati," East Price Hill is a historical neighborhood springing with new life. For those who thrive in urban environments and among a community that is committed to growing together, this is the place to be. There are plenty of opportunities to make your neighbors your friends in East Price Hill. All within walking distance from your home, you'll find some of the city's best coffee, gourmet pizza, craft beers, community gardens, and much more. Community care and business development initiatives are constantly on the rise here. Step out and see all that this neighborhood has to offer! 


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Suppose you were to learn that there’s a community minutes from downtown where a group of ecologically minded people are growing their own food, turning old houses into energy-efficient homes, and pooling their resources to provide eco-educational opportunities. Which of the 52 Cincinnati neighborhoods would come to mind? Perhaps Clifton, with its University of Cincinnati influence? Maybe Northside, with its planet-friendly, progressive population?

I am constantly amazed by how little people in Cincinnati and the larger tri-state region know about Price Hill, or in many cases, what they think they know. I will freely admit that I was one of those folks until I began my work at Price Hill Will seven years ago this month. I would occasionally drive through the neighborhood on my way…

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