Neighborhood Enhancement Program

The Cincinnati Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) is a 90-day strategy focused on addressing neighborhood quality of life issues and has been successful in proactively revitalizing the city's neighborhoods by creating long-term strategic partnerships in the community to address crime, blight, and building code violations.

One of the key elements of the NEP is sustainability. In partnership with community and business leaders, the City works to develop neighborhood assets thereby transforming neighborhoods throughout the city. The initiative was designed by the City of Cincinnati to jumpstart long-term neighborhood revitalization and reinvestment and to build on the community initiatives already in place.

Through focused, integrated, and concentrated city service delivery and community redevelopment efforts, partners (City departments, residents, businesses, and community organizations) seek to create a physical and economic "ripple effect" in the neighborhoods surrounding the focus area to build and sustain investor confidence, affect real and visible physical improvements of the area, reduce crime, increase property values, strengthen neighborhood business districts, and increase residents' community pride and self sufficiency.

The targeted area was identified through and analysis of building code violations, vacant buildings, disorder and drug calls for Police service, drug arrests, as well as incidents of graffiti, junk autos, litter, and weeds.

2008 Awards:

  • Neighborhoods USA: National Program of the Year
  • Ohio Conference of Community Development: President's Award
  • Community Development Corporations Association of Greater Cincinnati: Most Outstanding Collaborative Effort

2009 Awards:

  • Ohio City Managers Association: Program Excellence in Community Partnership
  •  National Development Council: Finalist in Community Development
  • Keep America Beautiful: Second place, nationally

2013 Awards:

  • National Conference for Transforming Local Government: Cool Communities presenter