About East Price Hill

East Price Hill isn't just a neighborhood, it's a vibrant, thriving community. East Price Hill is home to a diverse and vibrant community of over 15,000 residents.  The neighborhood is a collection of various housing styles (from rowhouses and townhomes to wood-frame and brick duplexes) and architecture. These varying styles provide a glimpse into the historic past of East Price Hill, which had become a bustling suburb by the late 1800s.

East Price Hill is home to an 118 year old business district that houses a variety of services from churches and community groups to bakeries, restaurants, bars, and shops.  There are three private businesses (and four non-profits) that have called Warsaw Ave home for over 100 years. EPH is not static, though!  While you will find these long-lasting family businesses, you will also find new and exciting businesses that serve the needs of residents and visitors to our neighborhood.  Additionally, East Price Hill was named the Greenest Neighborhood in Cincinnati by the Vice-Mayor, due to our amazing parks, nature preserves, and urban farms.  There truly is something for everyone here! 

East Price Hill is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. The balance of historic traditions, unique landscape, diversity, and modern urban living make East Price Hill a great place to live. 

East Price Hill Streets & Boundaries

East Price Hill consists of the streets below.

StreetAddress Numbers
8th. Street West2600 thru 3824
Atson LaneAll
Bassett RoadAll
Beaumont PlaceAll
Blanchard AvenueAll
Bodley AvenueAll
Brevier AvenueAll
Bushnell PlaceAll
Cameron PlaceAll
Carson AvenueAll
Chateau AvenueAll
Claypole AvenueAll
Considine AvenueAll
Considine LaneAll
Crestline AvenueAll
Davenport AvenueAll
Del Monte PlaceAll
Dorothy AvenueAll
Drott AvenueAll
Elberon Avenue (45204)2317 thru 2477
Elberon Avenue (45205)All
Enright AvenueAll
Fairbanks Avenue411 thru 1200
Foley Street (off Warsaw)All
Freddie DriveAll
GI PlaceAll
Glenway Avenue2364 thru 3800
Goforth StreetAll
Grand Avenue300 thru 1800
Hawthorne AvenueAll
Ken 'I PIAll
Kingston PlaceAll
Kirbert AvenueAll
Kuhlman AvenueAll
La Salle StreetAll
Lehman Road2600 thru 3420
Mansion AvenueAll
Maria AvenueAll
Maryland Avenue2300 thru 2999
Matson PlaceAll
Mayfield AvenueAll
McPherson AvenueAll
Mickey AvenueAll
Mickey CourtAll
Morrow PlaceAll
Moulton AvenueAll
Mount Hope Avenue359 thru 999
Murdock AvenueAll
Nonaly AvenueAll
Nopareil AvenueAll
Oakland AvenueAll
Olive AvenueAll
Osage AvenueAll
Parkson PlaceAll
Patrick DriveAll
Phillips AvenueAll
Pica StreetAll
Price AvenueAll
Purcell AvenueAll
Quebec Road1200 thru 1800
Rapid AvenueAll
Ridlen AvenueAll
Ring PlaceAll
Rosecliff DriveAll
Ross AvenueAll
Sedler StreetAll
Seminary AvenueAll
Seton AvenueAll
St. Lawrence Avenue3655 thru 3800
Sterrett AvenueAll
Stoddard PlaceAll
Stu= StreetAll
Summit AvenueAll
Terry StreetAll
Theresa StreetAll
Underwood PlaceAll
Utah AvenueAll
Van Vey StreetAll
Voss AvenueAll
Waltham AvenueAll
Warsaw Avenue2400 thru 3799
Wells StreetAll
Wessells AvenueAll
Wieman AvenueAll
Wildey LaneAll
Wilsonia DriveAll
Wing StreetAll
Woodlawn AvenueAll
Zech StreetAll