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July 2014   Volume 24   Issue 07

~Thoughts from Your President ~


Well as you are all aware of summer is here.  While writing this I am looking outside and just seeing a     perfect day for Cincinnati. The temperatures are low and the humidity is as well. I know this is not our typical summer weather, but we have to get out of the house and enjoy this weather when we have the opportunity.
Speaking about getting out it is important for everyone to remember most schools are not in session. That means most children are out playing. Remember to drive slow though our community and watch closely for a child crossing the street or running after a ball, etc. Let’s try to save a life versus take one.
We had a very great 4th of July weather wise this year. It was great weather for all planned picnics and cookouts.  It seemed like there were more people shooting off fireworks than ever this year.  I know my dog did not appreciate it very much, but I hope everyone had a great fourth of July this year!!
During the Summer months of July and August EPHIA does not have General Membership meetings.  Our next meeting will be held on September 15th at 7:30 pm at Holy Family Church Cafeteria.
For your information the EPHIA board will continue to meet over the summer months. There are a lot of things happening during the next few months that warrants our attention.
SAVE THE DATE: EPHIA’s Annual Picnic ~ Mt. Echo Park, Monday, July 21st
On Monday, July 21st,  EPHIA will have its Annual Picnic at Mt. Echo Park’s shelter house starting at 6:30pm.  There will be food and drinks provided for all those who attend the picnic.  Additionally, we will play our friendly games of Bingo with loads of great prizes to choose from if you’re a lucky winner!  Please plan to come and join us for an evening of fun on Monday, July 21st  in the beautiful  Mt. Echo Park!!
This City held their training session for the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) and the Neighborhood Business District Support (NBDSP) program in the past few weeks. It occurred after our last general membership meeting.  This year instead of getting $5,000 for each program the City is only funding each program at a $4,800 level. Last month you may recall that we voted on the $5,000 level of funding.  In keeping the spirit of the intent of the community when we voted the board decided to just reduced the amounts for each program proportionately arrive at the amount to be appropriated.
Price Hill Will has started working on the row houses at the corner of Purcell and West 8th Street. They have been taking a lot of bad building material away and installing new. It seems to be progressing very well.
The Landmark Foundation has gotten the funding needed to proceed with the development of the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater.  It has been a long ride to get to this point. They also have received several needed approvals by the City to proceed. Good things are happening in our community.
Even though the Neighborhood Enhancement Program has ended its 90 day program in our community there still are activities occurring keeping the program alive.  Building permits are up, people are cleaning up their properties, the Police Department is doing follow up activities with the Hamilton County Probation Department and some street repairs are still in progress.  Even though to some this may have created some problems I believe the overall impact was very good for our community. What most of you do not realize in order to pull something like this off it took a lot of work, a lot of meetings and a lot of cooperation involving a lot of people who cared about our community. I would like to thank all of those involved in making this a success.
Thank you for your support,
Tom Gamel
EPHIA President
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 Meeting minutes
General Membership Meeting –  May 19, 2014 Draft for Approval 

Call to Order - President Tom Gamel opened the meeting at approximately 7:30 pm at the Holy Family Church Cafeteria, 3001 Price Avenue, with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by roll call:

Roll call was conducted and a quorum was established.

Guests and first time visitors were introduced:  1guests/first time attendees introduced himself and were welcomed.
Minutes:  minutes from May 19, 2014 were reviewed.  Motion of approval by T. Croft and seconded by S. Rosenthal. Approved.
Communications: P. Hogan reviewed and submitted communication log; log will be filed with original minutes.
Treasurer Report:  Report reviewed and submitted for 5/19/14.  Motion by H. Stafford and seconded by E. Buhrer - Approved by all.
Membership Report: Presented by Mary Cook and she reported 1 new member.

Fire Dept.: No report available this evening.
Police Dept.: Officer Emody reported submitted the crime stats doe Dist. # 3 and East Price Hill to the group. The 90 Blitz Campaign was completed with good success. Dist. #3 YTD change shows a 22% decrease vs. last year. And 2014 vs. the 3-year average is -15%. She also reported the significant arrest of an individual at Chateau Apts. Involving drugs & weapons.
Probation Dept.: Officer John Schwind reported on their activities and that crime with weapons has shown a 130% increase this year but drug arrests are down.
Safety CAT:  There will be a Good Guy Loitering event on Friday, June 20th from 8-11pm. At Ross and Warsaw. There will be a Safety walk on Thursday, June 26th at 6:30pm beginning at St. Lawrence Church. The McPherson Street Party will be Saturday, be June 28th from 1-4pm. The Summer Youth Work Program has 20 young adults enrolled to-date resulting in 170 hours.
Court Watch:  Nothing to report.
Incline Theater: Groundbreaking now August.

Problem Properties: No update.
Price Hill Recreation Center: No report.
District 3 Relocation: No update.
NSP/2013/14:  Completed and funds paid.
NSP 2014/15:  Reported by S. Rosenthal. Budgeted: Membership and Communication was $3135 to cover Eggstravaganza, Web Administration, Insurance, Price Hill Parade, Jazz Fest, Newsletter and Court Index. Beautification was $1865 LED lighting installation at the Mt. Hope/Elberon Gateway and maintenance (water, mowing, mulch, etc.). This was a second reading of the budget and a hand count was conducted of the general membership: 22 in favor; 0 opposed or abstained. Passed
NBD 2014. Reported by Melissa Wegman. Budget is $2750 for Beautification; $1000 for Communication and $1250 for Events. A total membership vote was taken: 22 Approved; 0 Nay or Abstentions.
Price Avenue Streetscaping:  There was a presentation was given by Jeff Stein from the Parks and Transport Dept. He updated his presentation from our last meeting to be sure the membership understood all the particulars. Tom Croft then made a motion as follows:
EPHIA approves the following major design elements for the Price Ave Streetscaping project:

  • Narrow the street as necessary for a consistent 36 feet width and center line from Elberon Ave to Matson Place
  • Parallel parking
  • Pedestrian crossing bumpouts at vehicle approach lanes
  • Four feet brick paver collector strips and bumpouts
  • Post top accent lighting of the same style as the St. Lawrence/Kroger Streetscaping
  • The installation of a new fence along the South side of Dempsy Park, of the same style as around the Kroger Parking lot

We understand that the final design details are subject to further analysis and consultation with EPHIA. As a safety measure, we urge the installation as soon as possible of four way stops at Mt. Hope and Price Ave. and at Mt. Hope and W 8th St
Motion seconded by E. Bruher. Passed
Jazz Festival. Crawfish Broil was held July 7th to kickoff fundraising for 2015 event. The fundraiser raised $654.     
EPH Business Alliance: The next meeting of the group is July 9th. The next Movie night is June 28th.
St. Lawrence Town Square Update: The second NBDIP grant application for $154,000 was successful; the paver campaign has raised $12,000; the construction bid was awarded to Moeller Construction.
Jazz Festival. Crawfish Broil was held July 7th to kickoff fundraising for 2015 event. The fundraiser raised $654.     
EPH Business Alliance: The next meeting of the group is July 9th. The next Movie night is June 28th.
St. Lawrence Town Square Update: The second NBDIP grant application for $154,000 was successful; the paver campaign has raised $12,000; the construction bid was awarded to Moeller Construction.
NEP: P. Hogan submitted a written report. Highlights as follows: Public Services: 79 civil citations for tall grass; Property Maintenance Code Enforcement inspected 914 properties resulting in 449 notices; Public Services is working on illegal dumping along 8th St; Keep Cincinnati’s Beautiful Post-Blight index was 1.78 out of 4 – a decrease of 6.35%; The Dept. of Transportation replaced repaired/reset street signs; a neighborhood celebration of the programs success was held on June 12th with special thanks to Kroger’s for their support.
Safe and Clean: No update.
Row Houses on Purcell: Progress continues.
Masonic Lodge: Evaluation and progress continues.
Dempsey Pool: Will be completed in December.

  • Dan Boller reported that Community Priority Requests for 2015/16 are due to the city by Aug 8th. Dan indicated that the priorities are divided into three major categories: Traffic/Engineering; Parks and Recreation and Safety.
  • Patti Hogan received a Spotlight Award for her significant work in community improvement. This is a very significant award and reflects highly on Patti’s continues work and dedication to the community.

West Price Hill Civic:  No update
Price Hill Will: There will be and arts programs conducted at the Flats on July 9th.
Price Hill Historical Society: No update.
Mt. Echo Advisory Committee: No update
Wilson Commons Advisory: No update
Price Hill Library: Three upcoming programs are scheduled and pamphlets were provided for membership.
Roberts School: Tracy Powers reported that a community amenity grant was awarded to the Roberts Academy. This is a partnership between the Cincinnati Public Schools, the Mill Creek Watershed and MSD. The project will deliver sustainable storm water management, water quality improvement, and a desired community amenity in the form of newly landscaped detention basin. 
Talbert House:  No update.
MSD: S. Rosenthal reported that she was part of a group who toured MSD. This was informative and they tried to identify odors impacted East Price Hill. They found a possible source that is being worked. A contact number was provided for any odor questions: (513) 557-5979.
Ohio River Travel: The next meeting on this project will be Wednesday, July 23rd at 6:00pm.
Open Communication: Member Ann Patty expressed her desire to see more young adults receive increased physical exams to prevent possible injuries or life threating circumstances. This is based on the result of personal circumstances in her family.
Recognition Letter: It was recommended that EPHIA send a congratulation letter be sent to LaRosas for their 60th anniversary. Approved.
Next meeting: No general meeting is scheduled until Sept. The community picnic is scheduled of July 21st at Mt. Echo Park where the Board will meet at 6:00pm prior to the picnic.
Adjournment: Motion, seconded and approved.
Minutes:   Minutes of this meeting submitted by Richard Zinicola, Recording Secretary.

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Humility  vs Arrogance  I have read that a common fundamental truth of all great religions of the world is "all are one."  At times in my life I have felt this.
Playing a game with my extended family when all the barriers between us melt away and feeling totally connected to the whole of my family.  Working with a group of volunteers to build an organization to help those in need.  In that experience, it is never about any one of us but all about working together for the common good.  Perhaps you have had similar experiences or moments. 
Humility is not about cutting ourselves down or denying our own gifts and talents.  Humility is having a healthy and realistic knowledge that we all make mistakes, that no one is perfect, that we all have quirks and flaws.  It is understanding that we are not better than others but that each of us represents a unique blend of gifts and strengths that contribute to the whole.  And as the definition states, humility is setting aside the ego to recognize the contribution of others in our achievements and success. 
This month, give some thought to others who have contributed to your success and make sure that you thank them for their investment in you.    
To practice humilty “I will”   ·  Remember what others have done for me   ·   Not boast or brag   ·  Serve without being recognized  ·   Pass along praise to others    ·   Take responsibility for my own actions.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."  - C. S. Lewis"
"One knows from daily life that one exists for other people..."    -Albert Einstein

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Coming events:

River Song Quintet:  Thursday, July 17, 2014 8pm. Come enjoy the inaugural show at the nucleo – 3117 Warsaw Avenue. 45205! We're so lucky to have River Song Quintet, a chamber-jazz-folk group from Los Angeles (beautiful :D), touring through as well as the home-boys Benjamin Thomas-Whitfield Crocker and Eddy Kwon-MyCincinnati to give the Nucleo a brand new outfit.  Free admission (donations for touring artists encouraged!). This will be a *dry event* because of children! Parking on the street
Please try to arrive at 8pm -- the music will be starting!
#  #  #  #  #
Warsaw Arts Festival:  Saturday, July 26, 2014 12-5 pm   Hosted by Price Hill Will.  Featuring MYCincinnati, the Happy Maladies, and a combo from the Cincinnati Symphony, instrument petting zoo and more!  Location: 3117 Warsaw Ave, the Cincinnati Library, and the Warsaw Project Gallery! More details coming soon! 
#  #  #  #  #
McPherson Street Party:  Saturday, July 26, 2014 1-4pm  Hosted by the Price Hill Safety CAT, Bloc Ministries, and Lord’s Gym.  Featuring a family friendly activities – face painting, balloons, temporary tattoos.  Lord’s Gym will be on hand featuring a pump-off competition.  Food and drink will be provided while supplies last. 
#  #  #  #  #
Ohio River Trail West: Open House:  Wednesday, July 23, 2014 6-8pm Cincinnati Christian University Worship and Ministry Center; 2700 Glenway Avenue 45204; Friends and Neighbors of the Ohio River Trail West  - Cincinnati’s Department of Transportation and Engineering and River West Working Group will lead a public open house on development of the Ohio River Trail West.  This exciting project will be a tremendous enhancement to the quality of life of our West Side communities and a big plus for their ongoing revitalization. For more information, visit either of the following sites:  www.OhioRiverTrailWest.com and www.facebook.com/OhioRiverTrailWest.  Map on these sites with show the route of the trail. 
Besides background on this greenway/bikeway, the focus of the meeting will be on the possible specific route of Phase 1 of the project, covering the 3.7 miles between Evans Recreation Area and the Riverside/Gilday Recreation Area.  URS, DOTE’s consultant for the Phase 1 feasibility study, will present the results of their work. We are very interested the community’s response and input.
The open house will be at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, July 23 in the Worship and Ministry Center of Cincinnati Christian University at 2700 Glenway Avenue.  A campus map is attached.
Please plan to attend this meeting.  We want to know what you think!
In the Park After Dark:  Saturday, July 26, 2014  8:30-11pm; Olden View Park; 2601 W, 8th St.; 45204; The movie of the night: The Lego Movie. 
#  #  #  #  #
Mt. Echo Drum Circle and CommUNITY Yoga: Tuesday, July 29, 6-9pm;  Mt. Echo Park, 202 Crestline Avenue; 45205;  Come join commUNITY yoga at 6. Drumming, dancing, spinning, art, slacklining and just downright awesomeness starts at 7. commUNITY OM at 8:30!!
#  #  #  #  #
Illuminating the Arts Gallery Walk:  Saturday, August 23, 2014 1-7pm Featuring Shakespeare in the Park; Youth Summer Photography and Flats Gallery Summer Art Workshop display and artist reception; Price Hill Looking UP photo contest winner's announcement in a brand new gallery space on Warsaw, as well as live music and gallery opening at Warsaw Project Gallery.

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Swimming Safety Tips from the Cincinnati Recreation Commission

www.cincyrec.org   InfoLine: 513.352.4000

Safety In/Near the Water
  • Air-filled or foam toys are not safety devices. Don’t use items such as “water wings” or “noodles” as a substitute for life jackets.
  • Avoid alcohol when near the water, before or during swimming, boating, or water skiing, especially if supervising children.
  • Follow pool rules and lifeguard instructions (such as “No Diving” areas).
  • Only enter water to a comfortable depth, especially if you don’t know how to swim.
  • Don’t run or participate in horseplay in or near the pool, especially with small children.
  • If you live near a city pool and hear any activity after hours, call 911 immediately, as it may be an unattended child.
  • Consider swimming lessons and CPR classes for the entire family. These skills may save a loved one’s life.
Tips for Parents
  • Small children can drown in even very shallow water, so drain tubs and wading pools immediately after use. 
  • Give children 100% of your attention while they are in or around the pool. Never leave a child unattended around water.
  • Make sure your children are aware of basic water safety tips, such as staying away from drains and pipes to avoid entrapments.
  • If your child is missing, look for him/her in the water first. If they are drowning, seconds can make the difference between life and death.
  • If you have a pool at home, talk to your pool service provider about gates, locks, and alarms to keep your children from entering the pool area without supervision.
Swimming and Your Health
  • Practice good hygiene. Shower before heading to the pool and wash your hands with soap after using the restroom.
  • Don’t swallow pool water. If possible, avoid getting pool water in your mouth at all.
  • Take frequent restroom breaks and make sure kids do as well. Avoid changing diapers poolside, as germs can spread in and around the pool.
  • Avoid the pool when you are ill. Germs on your body end up in the water, so you could make other people sick
 What to Do When Someone Is Drowning
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Do not attempt a swimming rescue unless you have been properly trained.
Extend a long pole or branch to the person or use a throw rope attached to a buoyant object, such as a life ring or life jacket. Toss it to the person, then pull him/her to shore

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EPHIA's Board

President: Tom Gamel
Vice President: Tom Croft
Treasurer: John Ridder
Recording Secretary: Richard Zinicola/Linda Holthaus
Corresponding Secretary: Patti Hogan
Membership Officer: Mary Cook
Directors:  Eric Buhrer
                 Ray Busche
                 Jeffrey Ensley
                 Shelia Rosenthal
                 Howard Stafford
                 Jim Turner
Trustees: Ken Rothman (2016)
               Ted Bird, Jr. (2015)
               Dan Boller, Jr. (2017)

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EPHIA Committees           Chairperson                     Contact Info
Business District                           Melissa Wegman               Mertzie547@aol.com
Citizens on Patrol
Housing and Development             Tom Croft                        513.244.2882
Membership                                 Mary Cook                       513.921.3804
Newsletter                                    Patti Hogan                      513.251.8538
NSP                                            Sheila Rosenthal

Parade                                         Ted Bird, Jr. 
Problem properties                        Dan Boller, Jr.                  513.471.4183
Policy and bylaws                        

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We encourage you to join the East Price Hill Improvement Association for $5.00 per year. By applying, you agree to abide by the EPHIA constitution in all actions relating to membership. You also certify that you are eighteen years of age or older. Please complete the form and mail it (or bring it to a meeting) along with your dues to EPHIA, PO Box 5420, Cincinnati, OH 45205.
I Want to Join EPHIA                                                      Please Print




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Phone: 513-549-3744

Annual Summer Picnic Monday, July 21. 2014
Mt. Echo Park Picnic Shelter, 6:30pm.  Come enjoy an evening of fun, good food and community

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