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June 2014   Volume 24   Issue 06

~Thoughts from Your President ~


I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers in our community.  It is a special day for all of us to reflect back on what our fathers meant to us as we were growing up as well as a day for us fathers to reflect back on what we mean to our children, no matter what their ages. Fathers served as the role model for many of us through the years and pretty much set the tone for the family growth along with their spouses.  I know I learned a lot from my dad working right next to him.
The City passed it budget for the next fiscal year starting July 1st. There were some cuts made that will affect our community this upcoming year. The impacts of those cuts and shifting of funds will no doubt be felt this upcoming year by our community as well as others.
We had our Jazz Festival fund raiser the “Crawfish Boil” Saturday June 7th.  It was well attended and will help provide some of the necessary funds to support next year’s Jazz Festival.  If you were unable to attend you can still make a donation to support the effort. See one of the EPHIA officers who can tell you how you can help.
We have completed our 90 days of the Neighborhood Enhancement Program. Many good things have come out of this community effort. The following are just some of them:
  • We had three (3) successful neighborhood cleanups.
  • We had a lot of signage in our community replaced or repaired.
  • We saw a crackdown on illegal activity that resulted in lower numbers of crimes committed in our community.
  • We saw some drug busts and prostitution arrest made moving the activity out of their normal spots in our community.
  • We have seen an increase in policing of the curfew violators in particular on Warsaw Avenue.
  • We started working on a community plan.
  • We started some beautification projects that will be completed in the upcoming months.
  • We have seen orders written on some of the houses that had building code violations. This resulted in an increase in permits for work to be done on a lot of houses.
  • We have seen some additional houses be scheduled for removal from our community because of their conditions.
At our June meeting we will be voting on the following items that you may be interested in:
  • The Price Avenue Streetscape that was presented at out last meeting.
  • Our submissions to the City for our 2015-16 Community Priority Requests. Dan Boller has agreed to develop a list of items that we would like for the City to do for our community and will be completing the forms. As we mentioned at our last meeting if you have some items for consideration please get them to Dan.  We will be voting on them at the June meeting.
  • Our 2014-15 Neighborhood Support Program budget - At our May meeting the items were presented for consideration and we announced that at our June meeting we will vote on our budget for submission to the City.
    • Membership & Communication was $3,135 for the Eggstravaganza, Website Administration, Insurance, Price Hill Day Parade,  Jazz Festival, Newsletter and Court Index.
    • Beautification was $1,865 for some Led lighting installation at the Mt. Hope/Elberon Gateway and maintenance (water, electricity, mowing, mulch, etc).
Our next meeting is scheduled to be on June 16, 2014 starting at 7:30 pm in the Holy Family Church Cafeteria.  Besides our normal business items I believe the items I have listed above along with the normal reports from Police and Fire will be good for all of you to hear.  Please plan to attend this meeting. I am sure you will find it interesting to hear what is happening in our community. This is a good opportunity for you to become part of the solution to our community’s issues as well as an opportunity to help pave the way to our community’s future. 
Thank you for your support,
Tom Gamel
EPHIA President
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 Meeting minutes
General Membership Meeting –  May 19, 2014 Draft for Approval 

Call to Order - President Tom Gamel opened the meeting at approximately 7:30 pm at the Holy Family Church Cafeteria, 3001 Price Avenue, with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by roll call:

Roll call was conducted and a quorum was established.

Guests and first time visitors were introduced:  2 guests/first time attendees introduced themselves and were welcomed.

Minutes:  minutes from April 21, 2014 were reviewed. Once change to Mary Cook’s name (vs. Mark). Motion of approval by R. Busche and seconded by T. Croft. Approved with revisions by all.

Communications: P. Hogan reported on Public Services and Litter Control – 17 citations issued; Property Maintenance Code – 314 properties inspected; Dist. 3 partnered with the community and other City Dept’s in a number of areas; Fire Dept. conducted 299 inspections, 124 hydrants inspected, distributed 17 smoke alarms and 112 fire code violations found; Public Services filled 46 potholes and resolved 24 street sign and street light issues; Dept. of Planning assisting PHW and Community Building Institute in creating Community Plan for East, West and Lower Price Hill with a meeting scheduled for 5/31/14 at Elder Schaeper Center.

Treasurer Report:  Report reviewed and submitted for 4/21/14.  Motion by H. Stafford and seconded by E. Buhrer - Approved by all.

Membership Report: presented by Mary Cook. There were 3 new members and 1 renewal.


Fire Dept.: No report available this evening.

Police Dept.: Officer Sierra indicated that the new recruiting class is done in 8 weeks and this with internal transfers will positively impact Dist. 3 with manpower. A meeting was scheduled with the EPH McDonalds but no representative showed up. A question on truancy was raised and Officer Sierra indicated this is no longer a priority for Dist. 3 (a manpower issue).

Probation Dept.: Officer John Schwan provided reported on the shooting at Chateau Apts. and that there has been an increase in criminals trying to take advantage of the elderly. The community is asked to report suspicious activity involving elderly residents.
Safety CAT:  Good Guy Loitering scheduled for 5/23/14. 8-11pm and Ross and Warsaw; Safety Walk scheduled for 5/29/14, 6:30pm at St. Lawrence Church parking lot; McPherson St. Party  scheduled for 6/28/14, 1-3pm; 16 young adults have been enrolled in the Summer Youth Work Program with BLOC Ministries providing some adults to assist with supervision.
Court Watch:  Have written an impact statement for a repeat offender in Price Hill. Individual charged with defrauding a senior of $19,000.
Incline Theater: Groundbreaking now July.

Problem Properties: Dan Boller reported on 1241 Elberon and 3018 Murdock. A public Nuisance Hearing was held on 4/25 for 746 Terry St, 562 Enright and 3641 W. 8th St. It was also discussed that Councilman Smitherman has requested that we provide input to his office on these properties. Dan will be our coordinator for gather this information and reporting them as requested.

Price Hill Recreation Center: No report.

District 3 Relocation: No update but the community is being asked to submit Icons (parks, landmarks, historical events, famous citizens or other claims to fame) for Price Hill.

NSP/2013 Stub Year:  Completed and funds are in hand.

NSP 2013/14: Membership and Communication was $3135 to cover Eggstravaganza, Web Administration, Insurance, Price Hill Parade, Jazz Fest, Newsletter and Court Index. Beautification was $1865 LED lighting installation at the Mt. Hope/Elberon Gateway and maintenance (water, mowing, mulch, etc.).
NBD 2013/14: $1400 out of pocket expense as billed from Price Hill Will. The group discussed this situation and T. Croft will research and attempt to clarify and finalize the confusion.
Price Avenue Streetscaping:  Presentation to be given later in meeting.
Jazz Festival. R. Busche reviewed final expenses and results of Jazz Fest. Festival was a success. Music great and attendance overall good (weather did have an impact).  Event came in on budget ($800 additional contributed by PHW). Crawfish Broil will be July 7th to kickoff fundraising for 2015 event.
Price Hill Rec Center and Dempsey Pool: No report.      
EPH Business Alliance: T. Croft advised that their next meeting is June 11th at 11:00am. Movie night is May 31, “Frozen”.
St. Lawrence Town Square Update:  P. Hogan reported that 175 pavers sold to date and still available. Construction bid awarded. Zoning variance for privacy fence and commemoration wall has been approved. Second NDBIP grant submitted. CNBDU board will make recommendations to City and communities to be notified status in June 2014 with monies available July 2014.
NEP: Keep Cincinnati Beautiful conducted a pre-blight index before NEP began. EPH scored 2.03 out of 4; The Dept of Trade and Development has assumed responsibility for coordinating and leading EPH initiative to assist residents responding to code violations.; DOTE inspectors are in the process of identifying defective sidewalks. M. Wegman is working in concert with Ethel Cogen of DOTE and $12k has been raised so far.; During the first 60 days the community has been active and vital participant in the NEP. Volunteers participated in the 3 Price Hill clean ups. Patty submitted a report with full details.
Safe and Clean: the $5000 Safe and Clean grant has been submitted.
Row Houses on Purcell: A contract has been awarded and contractor will be assigned soon.
Masonic Lodge: One meeting has been conducted so far and T. Gamel is on the committee. They are working with a consulting firm on what needs to be fixed, how and the estimated costs.
Price Ave:  The Dept. of traffic and Engineering had two representatives (Jeff Stein and M. Kelly) at the meeting. They discussed the planning, what decisions have been made and how they were made. The planning for this has been going on for over a year now with some of the stakeholders in East Price Hill. The estimated cost is 3M for Price Ave. and 1.6M for Mattson. They discussed how decisions were made on the parking options – there will be no diagonal parking as there is not enough space gained by using diagonal.  There was also a concern about safety around Holy Family School. There will be bump-outs included, lighting and collector strips. There was a lot of discussion concerning how wide to make the street as parts are 36’ and other 50’. A final decision was to make them 36’ and have wider walking spaces. A street diagram was show and access to a PDF document will be made available to the membership. There was an additional question raised by one member concerning Price and Fairbanks. The concern is that it is used by large trucks and is causing traffic and safety issues. The presenters said they would look into this issue and get back to the board.
Ohio River Trail West Update: T. Croft provided a document outlining the update on this project (included with minutes).  The project is proceeding as planned.
Kevin Flynn: Councilman Flynn addressed the membership on his background, projects he has worked (very instrumental on the past barge location issue) for our community and his priorities. The membership expressed their thanks for his attending and look forward to working with him on issues that impact East Price Hill.

Community Priority Requests for 2015/16 are due to the city by Aug 8th. Input from the community is requested for our June meeting. Items have to be presented at this meeting as it is our last before the summer break and a vote will have to be taken at the meeting.

West Price Hill Civic:  All Star game.
Price Hill Will: There will be a Comp Plan discussion on 5/31, 10-3 at Elder.
Price Hill Historical Society: There will be a tour to Louisville on June 11th.
Mt. Echo Advisory Committee: Trees planted and mulch will be used.
Wilson Commons Advisory: Mary Croft said that this year’s Eggscellent Nature Eggstravaganza was a great success. 
Price Hill Library: No update.
Roberts School: Findlay Market is going on every Tuesday 3-6pm.
Talbert House:  No update.
MSD: No update.

Youth Leadership: Kathy Boone talked about this effort and what is trying to be accomplished. Their next meeting is June 21st from 1-4PM.

Holy Family Banner: Dan Boller requested that we provide $150. To Holy Family for a festival banner. Motion seconded by T. Croft and approved by all. 

Next meeting: Monday, June 16th at 7:30pm in the Holy Family Cafeteria. 

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by T. Croft and seconded by S. Rosenthal. Unanimously approved by membership 

Minutes:   Minutes of this meeting submitted by Richard Zinicola, Recording Secretary.

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Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP)

East Price Hill’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program wrapped up on May 31, 2014.  As was reported in last month’s newsletter, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful conducted a pre-blight index before the NEP began. East Price Hill scored a 2.03 out of a 4 point system.  On Thursday, May 29, 2014 Keep Cincinnati Beautiful conducted the post-blight index.   East Price Hill's Post-Blight Index score came in at 1.78 out of 4 (1=no blight, 4=extremely blighted); that's a 6.35% decrease from the pre-blight score of 2.03.
The full 90 day report is being compiled and will be reported in the July 2014 newsletter.
Price Hill Plan:  The second meeting took place on May 31, 2014.  Please take a short survey and let your priorities by known.  Follow this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/pricehillplanpriorities  

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Endurance vs Discouragement  At the US Military Academy at West Point, they have a phrase, the “long gray line." It refers to the long line of soldiers who have endured the hardships of this     rigorous academic and military training and have gone on to serve our country.  There has been a US soldier posted at the US Military Academy at West Point since 1778 -- the most continuous garrison in our country.  On May 22, 1002 young men and women joined that "long gray line."
The Executive Director of the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Mary Andres Russell’s  nephew, Joe Puttmann, was one of them. Joe played football for Army and like many of his brothers there, endured rugged military training, rigorous academic study, and the demands of football.  Three pegs on the stool of discipline, honor, and endurance.
The Cadets took an oath on Saturday to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States.  After completing specialized training this summer, as Second Lieutenants, most will lead platoons in the war in Afghanistan.
At their graduation ceremony, both the Superintendent of West Point and President Obama called them "leaders of character."
We thank them for their endurance and strength, for not giving in or giving up, for what that “long gray line” has done and will do for our country.
To practice endurance “I will”   ·  Not be a quitter   ·   Accept both instruction and correction  ·  Put my whole heart into everything I do   ·   Not waste my time, energy, and talent on meaningless pursuits.
“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”  -- Buddha

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Coming events:

Best of the West Road Rally: Saturday, June 21, 2014 9am – 2pm   Think you know your way around Price Hill? We beg to differ. See if you can find some of the most unusual sites that this historic neighborhood has to offer! 
Sponsored by: Price Hill Will, Price Hill Historical Society, Duwel Automotive, Primavista, Hart Pharmacy, Grote Barber, Domino’s, and Brogan Tire.
WHO: This Road Rally is open to all street legal vehicles. 75 vehicles maximum.
ENTRY FEE: $24.95 per vehicle pre-registered by May 21st, $34.95 preregistered May 22nd or later, $44.95 day of the event.
WHEN: Saturday, June 21, 2014. Rain or shine.
WHERE: The Rally begins and ends at Western Hills High School, 2144 Ferguson Road.
TIME: Registration begins at 9:00 am. Drivers meeting is 9:45 am. Rally begins at 10:00 am sharp.
COURSE: Approximate length: 29 miles. Will take about 4 hours to complete.
WHAT TO BRING: You must be at least 18 years old to be a driver, possess a valid drivers license, and bring proof of automobile insurance. Drivers license and insurance card must be current. Vehicle registration will not be accepted. Bring a clip board, a pen or pencil, a shoe box for your scavenger hunt items and a digital camera. Prizes will be awarded to the top winning teams after the Road Rally. No alcoholic beverages, no pets and no hot rodding permitted. Consuming an alcoholic beverage before or during the Rally will result in immediate disqualification and no refund.
Registration form can be found at: http://www.scenicroadrallies.com/events.asp?show=upcoming   Select the 3rd Annual Price Hill Road Rally link for the form.
#  #  #  #  #
Project Restoration:  I love you to Life Tour:  Saturday, June 21, 2014 1pm – 4pm   All of Price Hill is invited to Olden Tot Lot located at 3436 Warsaw Ave in East Price Hill in Cincinnati, Ohio between the hours of 1pm and 4pm. We will come together to let our youth know we care, support and encourage them to live. 
We want to sow seeds of greatness, and encourage them to live life to the fullest. Our goal is to develop a youth leadership counsel where they will be trained to be the leaders in our neighborhood we truly desire. The population for zip code 45204 is approximately 6972 people, we are anticipating feeding about 700 people. We have enlisted a number of organizations within the Price Hill community as well as, the City of Cincinnati to come out on this day and celebrate family and community and give our young people an opportunity to know someone is thinking about them and they are important to us.
We will have speakers from Parents of Murdered Children Inc, Saving our Son and our Special Guest Speaker is Tayliana Miller who is an 8 year old third grader who would like to encourage her peers.  Pastor Warren Curry will deliver the Moral Voice, as part of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence involvement in the event. The Cincinnati Drum line and Let it Flow Concert Series will provide entertainment. We will have face painting and activities for the kids. There is going to be a huge dance routine performed at the end of the event that will include about 100 kids in which we are also collecting money for T-shirts. This may be an opportunity for your employees to contribute or even volunteer for the event.
There will be tables displaying resources and so much more. We thank you in advance for collaborating with us to make this event successful and spectacular.
#  #  #  #  #
Mt. Echo Drum Circle:  Thursday, June 24, 2014 6pm – 9pm  Mt. Echo Park  Join us for commUNITY yoga at 6. Drumming, dancing, spinning, art, slacklining and just downright awesomeness starts at 7. commUNITY OM at 8:30!!
#  #  #  #  #
In the Park After Dark:  Saturday, June 28, 2014  8:30pm – 11pm Olden View Park 2601 W. 8th Street; We'll be watching "The Nut Job" 
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EPHIA's Board

President: Tom Gamel
Vice President: Tom Croft
Treasurer: John Ridder
Recording Secretary: Richard Zinicola/Linda Holthaus
Corresponding Secretary: Patti Hogan
Membership Officer: Mary Cook
Directors:  Eric Buhrer
                 Ray Busche
                 Jeffrey Ensley
                 Shelia Rosenthal
                 Howard Stafford
                 Jim Turner
Trustees: Ken Rothman (2016)
               Ted Bird, Jr. (2015)
               Dan Boller, Jr. (2017)

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EPHIA Committees           Chairperson                     Contact Info
Business District                           Melissa Wegman               Mertzie547@aol.com
Citizens on Patrol
Housing and Development             Tom Croft                        513.244.2882
Membership                                 Mary Cook                       513.921.3804
Newsletter                                    Patti Hogan                      513.251.8538
NSP                                            Sheila Rosenthal

Parade                                         Ted Bird, Jr. 
Problem properties                        Dan Boller, Jr.                  513.471.4183
Policy and bylaws                        

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We encourage you to join the East Price Hill Improvement Association for $5.00 per year. By applying, you agree to abide by the EPHIA constitution in all actions relating to membership. You also certify that you are eighteen years of age or older. Please complete the form and mail it (or bring it to a meeting) along with your dues to EPHIA, PO Box 5420, Cincinnati, OH 45205.
I Want to Join EPHIA                                                      Please Print




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  Monday, June 16, 2014   7:30pm  
Holy Family Church Cafeteria; 3006 W. 8th Street

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