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April 2014   Volume 24   Issue 04

~Thoughts from Your President ~


Spring is indeed here!  The trees are budding, the grass is growing and some old leaves have found their way into our yards. It is time for yard work!! That being said, the City of Cincinnati has started up again their yard waste program. Yard waste is picked up at the same time as our recycling schedule. It is important that you only put your yard waste out accordingly. Most of us are in the gold week schedule. The gold schedule indicates that our first pickup will be April 14th this year and will continue every other week after that.
We now have been engaged in the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) for over a month now. From some of the reports being submitted we have accomplished a lot in this past month. We just finished our second of three cleanups. A thank you needs to be extended to the team of the City’s Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, City of Cincinnati Public Services Department, Cincinnati Police Department-District Three, Cincinnati Fire Department, and Patti Hogan.  On April 12th we had our Great American Cleanup the team put together.  We had over 232 volunteers turnout to clean up our neighborhood, mulching around our tree beds, painting fire hydrants and parking meter posts as well as using KCB’s Future Blooms strategy to paint two vacant store fronts.  It was a great day. The weather was super and we had fun. All the volunteers were provided coffee from Corner Bloc Coffee and food to eat before and after the cleanup from our very own Price Hill Kroger Store. The next time you go in to these establishments thank the owners for helping our community. I would like to also thank Selhorst Equipment Services, Hafner and Sons Inc., Councilwoman Yvette Simpson, Ethel Cogen of the City’s Department of Trade and Development. University of Cincinnati, Talbert House, New Foundations, St. Henry's, Elder High School, and all of you from the community and those neighborhood supporters from outside the community for helping to make this a memorable day.
Our next cleanup will be held on May 3rd.  We will be meeting at Elder’s Rudemiller Commons located at 3900 Vincent Avenue (this is located between the high school and the Schaeper Center). Supplies will be provided.  We will be working from 9am until 1 pm.
I have also noticed since we started the NEP program the number of building permits filed have gone up in our target area.  This indicates to me residents are taking some positive steps to do the necessary repairs to bring their property up to code. This helps our community overall in its appearance by getting rid of some of those visual problems that earmark a failing community.  Additionally, it reinforces the fact our community is moving in a positive way.
Do you know what Plan Cincinnati is?  If you do not you should.  It has been mentioned in the media a lot lately.  To view Plan Cincinnati go to: http://www.plancincinnati.org/learn/about-plan-cincinnati
Plan Cincinnati is looking for your opinions on what you view as your priorities in the future.  To get engaged go to:  http://plancincinnati.org/resources/other-resources
Our next meeting is scheduled on April 21, 2014 starting at 7:30 pm in the Holy Family Church Cafeteria.  Besides our normal business items we have several items on the agenda that I think you might be interested in hearing more about. As usual we will have representatives from both the Fire Department and the Police Department present to report what has happened in our community as well as hear from you about your concerns.  This is a good opportunity for you to become part of the solution to our community’s issues.
Thank you for your support,
Tom Gamel

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 Meeting minutes

General Membership Meeting –  March 17, 2014 - Draft for Approval

Call to Order  - President Tom Gamel opened the meeting at approximately 7:30 pm at the Holy Family Church Cafeteria, 3001 Price Avenue, with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by roll call:

A quorum was established.
Guests and first time visitors were introduced:  Two new attendees.
Minutes:  minutes from February 17, 2014 were reviewed. A request was made by V. Fabio to include his comments pertaining to the constant repair of vehicles in the street or blocking sidewalks near the Prospect House on Phillips and Hawthorne. Motion for amended minutes by K. Rothman and seconded by R. Busche. Motion approved as amended by Board.
Communications: Insurance premium of $748 due; thank you from T. Gamel for flowers in support of his Mothers passing; Planned Development.
Treasurer Report:  Treasurers Report dated 3.16.14 to be filed with minutes. Motion by D. Boller/seconded by H. Stafford; approved.
Membership Report: presented by Mary Cook.  There were 7 new members and two renewals.

Fire Dept.: J. Arnold provided a report of Fire Dept. activities. He noted that the figures a skewed somewhat by rotating brownouts. There are some small delays in response due to the viaduct road construction. Fire hydrants will soon be flushed so residents can expect some slight color variation that can be alleviated by running the faucet. Three new fire recruits have arrived. 
Police Dept.: Sgt. Sierra expressed his thanks for the community support. Crime Stats reviewed and report submitted by Officer A. Mitchell. Detective Joe Combs talked about his work in the area and reviewed actions taken to solve the attempted theft and kidnaping of D. Boller’s family. Dan expressed his great appreciation for the police efforts in responding and catching the criminals.
Probation Dept.: They are taking part in the NEP. Reviewed activities taking place in the area and discussed sentencing differences between local, state and federal guidelines. They also reviewed the specifics of a previous home invasion on Warsaw. Park Liaison Officer Mike Ammon was introduced.
Safety CAT:  No report.
Court Watch:  No report.
Incline Theater: No update.

Problem Properties:  D. Boller reviewed his request with the city to regrate the properties at 815 and 817 Summit. Dan also reviewed his communication with the Public Works Dept. on the pick up of bulk items. He expressed his disappointment in how the Dept. addresses the issues. Dan presented to the membership the request by the owner of 3018 Murdock to delay the demolition of her property. Dan will testify at a court hearing on this issue and requested membership support his recommendation of a stay of demolition. The full EPHIA board supports Dan;\’s recommendation. A member vote was taken with only one Nay vote. Motion of support was passed.
Price Hill Recreation Center: No report.
District 3 Relocation: No meetings scheduled on old building. A meeting is coming up on the new building.
NSP/2013 Stub Year:  S. Rosenthal reported that she was asked to file an amended report due to a donation that did not meet guidelines. Net, reimbursement is still on hold.
NSP 2013/14: Approved in Jan and funds not yet distributed. Two projects pending: painting of signs at Warsaw and Wilder & plants/flowers. T. Gamel reviewed importance of creating our wish list that needs to be in place by June meeting. Sheila will provide a background of projects guidelines and send to board for their input of projects.
NBD/2013 Stub Year: No update. Approval & paid. Check for this year is in.
NBD 2013/14: No update
Price Avenue Streetscaping:  There will be an update and presentation at our next meeting.
Jazz Festival. R. Busche submitted a budget and funding update. A planning meeting is being scheduled and volunteers are needed. Ray also said that the Crawfish Boil 2015 Jazz Festival Kick Off would be 6/17/14.
Price Hill Rec Center and Dempsey Pool: No report.
EPH Business Alliance: No report.
St. Lawrence Town Square Update No report but the community is encouraged to purchase dedication bricks for the site. Information is provided and can be purchased online. Refer to EPHIA Newsletter.
Dempsey Park – Reds Community Fund:  We did not receive the grant but we did get selected for some minor field improvements.
Neighborhood Enhancement Program: No report but we are encouraging all of the community to attend a City Planning meeting/forum on Price Hill.  The meeting will be at Holy Family Cafeteria on Saturday, March 22nd beginning at 10am.

Web Site: The website has been built side by side to the current site. Most details are now in place. Improvements such as PayPal, Twitter, and Facebook interfaces have been included. There are still items to be completed but the site is very impressive.

West Price Hill Civic:  No update
Price Hill Will: Ken Smith provided update. Row houses project is moving forward; Masonic Lodge bids are moving forward; bids are moving forward on St. Lawrence Sq.
Price Hill Historical Society: Meeting held the first Wed of each month. There will be a talk by Arnelle Dow on April 2rd at 7pm. On the art of Batik.
Mt. Echo Advisory Committee: No update.
Wilson Commons Advisory: Mary Croft said that this year’s Eggscellent Nature Eggstravaganza would be on April 12, 1:00-3:00pm. Cincinnati Parks naturalists lead this popular children’s nature program and egg hunt.         
Price Hill Library: Megan Brandmaier advised that 1:1 computer use training is available at the library.
Roberts School: Tracy Power reported that there is a Santa Maria Health Fair on April 12th; Findlay Market Stand will open May 6th; at the school now has a Health Center.
Talbert House:  No update.
MSD: Beth reported that there has been some order in the burning of sledge and to contact her (335-9580) for any concerns. New construction of blowers will help in the future. MSD’s next meeting is April 22nd.
Communication: There will be a Road Rally on June 21st. Various Price Hill sponsors are supporting the Road Rally around Price Hill. More information was provided in literature at our desk.
Next meeting: Monday, March 17, 2014 in the Holy Family Cafeteria.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by K. Rothman and seconded by R. Busche. Unanimously approved by membership
Minutes:   Minutes of this meeting submitted by Richard Zinicola, Recording Secretary.

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Character Quality for March

Creativity vs Underachievement Creativity is not one of the first character qualities that are named when asked for a list.  Creativity is a combination of optimism and determination with a little boldness.  Using these qualities together allows you to boldly question assumptions, believe that there is a solution and continue to try and re-try until a problem is solved.  
Creativity is not only about solving problems but how you approach whatever you do.  Supervisors can be creative in how they manage change, teachers can be creative in lesson planning, and parents can be creative in how they teach values.  It is a choice to do something normal in a way that is more likely to be remembered better.
Many people think of creativity as a random thought that just pops up but creative people prepare to be creative.  They are usually avid readers and have various interests.  They are always open to new ideas and usually ask a lot of questions.  In some cases, creativity is applying knowledge from one area to another.  In others, it is just breaking things down into its components and applying known principles to replace the pieces with something fun or funny. 
This month, think outside of the box to find a creative solution for situations plaguing you regularly.
To practice Creativity, "I will"  ·  See things from more than one perspective  ·  Use principles to solve problems  ·  Learn all I can  ·  Look for new ways to be a person of character  ·  Use my talents for good 

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Website:  EPHIA is excited to announce the launch of the redesigned East Price Hill website www.eastpricehill.org.  The site is a way to virtually explore and discover East Price Hill’s many amenities, resources and neighborhood calendar. You’ll find information about EPHIA including our constitution, articles of incorporation and an archive of past newsletters.  With the launch of the redesigned website EPHIA now supports online membership renewal via PayPal.  Please take a moment to explore the site.  You can send feedback using the contact EPHIA button on the website.

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In the news:  
Price Hill Properties to get a makeover on TV:  Three Price Hill properties will get a makeover on national TV. The FYI channel chose two homes on Summit Avenue and one on Hawthorne Avenue as the first locations for its new series "Renovation Row." The show will feature three teams of rehabbers who will compete to see which one can increase the value of their home the most. Price Hill Will helped the out-of-town production company find the locations. Shooting starts next month. The FYI network debuts in July. 
"Renovation Row" is a reality series that airs on FYI.

Each episode of this series follows three new teams — from first-time homebuyer's to talented renovation experts — as they battle it out through a transformation showdown of identical urban homes. Taking on houses in distressed neighborhoods, the teams will renovate one home each — while also living together — in a bid to raise the property value of the community surrounding them. The team, who increases the value of their home to the max, goes home with a grand prize.

"Renovation Row" is produced by Jane Street Entertainment. Executive producers for FYI are Gena McCarthy, James Bolosh and Toby Faulkner. Donna MacLetchie and Linda Leeare are executive producers for Jane Street
                                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Price Hill Historical Society starts publishing company:  The Price Hill community is home to a new publishing company.  Led by Price Hill resident Julie Hotchkiss, the Price Hill Historical Society’s publishing committee has launched its own publishing arm – Bold Face Press.
The Price Hill Historical Society has published more than a dozen books in its nearly 25-year history, but this month it took an ‘historic’ step as the organization announced publication of its first non-history book. 
The Bold Face Press name dates back to the origins of Price Hill. Once upon a time, the neighborhood was called Bold Face Hill in honor of a Native American chief named Bold Face.
The first title they published is “Starting Your Own Urban CSA,” which is a book written by Hotchkiss and fellow Price Hill resident Jim Schenk. It was published in cooperation with the Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village and is a guide for how to establish a Community Supported Agriculture program.

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Public Square Update:
The voting is closed and the results have been tallied!  The winner is: St. Lawrence Square!  This name was hands down the favorite, getting 64% of the vote, with 112.  The next closest name, St. Lawrence Public Square, got less than 13%.
Don’t forget to purchase your memorial paver to support the square’s construction.  Please visit:  www.pricehillwill.org/paver
To date a total of 82 pavers have been sold. 

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Coming events:

April 10 – May 4, 2014 Covedale Center for the Performing Arts presents Gyspy.  For show information visit: http://www.cincinnatilandmarkproductions.com/ccpa/News.aspx  or call: 513.241.6550
Monday, April 21, 2014 7:30pm – East Price Hill Improvement Association Meeting Holy Family Cafeteria; 3006 W. Eighth Street
Friday, April 25, 2014  8-11pm   Good Guy Loitering hosted by the Price Hill Safety CAT. Will be concentrating on the NEP focus area along Warsaw Avenue.  If have enough volunteers 3 corner location will be targeted.  Listed by priority:   Warsaw & Ross, Warsaw & Elberon, and Warsaw at Woodlawn.  If you can help email hogan.patti@gmail.com
Thursday, May 1,  2014 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup; Meeting Location: Family Dollar; 3410 Warsaw Avenue
May 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, & 17, 2014 Sunset Player present The 39 StepsMix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit with nonstop laughs. Tickets: $14 general admission; $12 students, seniors, groups (10 or more).  For tickets or information: 588-4988
Saturday, May 3. 2014  9am-1pm - Entire Price Hill cleanup – will include Western portion of the East Price Hill NEP target area.   Meeting location: Elder’s Rudemiller Commons; 3900 Vincent Avenue (between high school & Schaeper Center)
Friday, May 9, 2014  8-11pm   Good Guy Loitering hosted by the Price Hill Safety CAT. Will be concentrating on the NEP focus area along Warsaw Avenue.  If have enough volunteers 3 corner location will be targeted.  Listed by priority:   Warsaw & Ross, Warsaw & Elberon, and Warsaw at Woodlawn.  If you can help email hogan.patti@gmail.com
Thursday, May 15, 2014 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup; Meeting Location: Holy Family parking lot; 3006 W. Eighth St. 
Saturday, May 17, 2014 11am – 6pm – East Price Hill Jazz Festival; Location of the festival is Dempsey Park.  Free, Open to the public.  The festival will feature: 12:00 Walnut Hills High School Jazz Ensemble; 1:30 Wade Baker Trio; 3:15 Art & Science
5:00 fo/mo/deep.  Picnics and chairs are encouraged.
Monday, May 19, 2014 7:30pm – East Price Hill Improvement Association Meeting (EPH community Council); Holy Family Cafeteria; 3006 W. Eighth Street
Week of May 26, 2014 – NEP Post Blight Index
Thursday, May 29, 2014 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup; Meeting Location: Family Dollar parking lot;  3410 Warsaw Avenue. 
Saturday, May 31, 2014 – In the Park After Dark – Outdoor Movie Night – Save the Date; Olden View Park; 2610 Eighth St.; For more information contact Diana Vakharia diana@pricehillwill.org  or  (513) 251-3800 ext. 103

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EPHIA's Board

President: Tom Gamel
Vice President: Tom Croft
Treasurer: John Ridder
Recording Secretary: Richard Zinicola/Linda Holthaus
Corresponding Secretary: Patti Hogan
Membership Officer: Mary Cook
Directors:  Eric Buhrer
                 Ray Busche
                 Jeffrey Ensley
                 Shelia Rosenthal
                 Howard Stafford
                 Jim Turner
Trustees: Ken Rothman (2016)
               Ted Bird, Jr. (2015)
               Dan Boller, Jr. (2017)

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EPHIA Committees                    Chairperson                     Contact Info
Business District                           Melissa Wegman               Mertzie547@aol.com
Citizens on Patrol
Housing and Development             Tom Croft                        513.244.2882
Membership                                 Mary Cook                       513.921.3804
Newsletter                                    Patti Hogan                      513.251.8538
NSP                                            Sheila Rosenthal

Parade                                         Ted Bird, Jr. 
Problem properties                        Dan Boller, Jr.                  513.471.4183
Policy and bylaws                        

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We encourage you to join the East Price Hill Improvement Association for $5.00 per year. By applying, you agree to abide by the EPHIA constitution in all actions relating to membership. You also certify that you are eighteen years of age or older. Please complete the form and mail it (or bring it to a meeting) along with your dues to EPHIA, PO Box 5420, Cincinnati, OH 45205.
I Want to Join EPHIA                                                      Please Print




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Email address_____________________________

Newsletter via email only ______ (Yes/ No)

Date ___________ 

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Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 5420
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Phone: 513-549-3744

Next General Membership Meeting
  Monday, April 21, 2014   7:30pm  
Holy Family Church Cafeteria; 3006 W. 8th Street

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