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March 2014   Volume 24   Issue 03

~Thoughts from Your President ~

Spring!!!  Spring!!! Are we almost in Spring!!!

We are now in March.  The temperatures are starting to get close to normal finally.  At least they are warmer than they were a few weeks ago anyhow. We sprung forward with our clocks, which is another indicator that Spring is at our doorsteps. Day light is getting longer. Stores are advertising spring items.  I do believe it is almost here.
In preparing for Spring we find it is time for us to start doing the rest of our house cleaning and to get ready to go out in our yards to start doing yard work and to see what our Winter has left for us. We can begin to open our windows and let some fresh air into our houses.  This is truly a great time of year.
Our community is preparing for Spring as well.  We had our kickoff of our Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) on Tuesday March 4th at the Primavista Restaurant.  At the kickoff many speakers spoke about what a good opportunity it is for our community to be involved in this 90 day program in which the community has the opportunity to be engaged with a large number if City Departments and Sponsors to make a real difference in improving our community.  This program provides us with the opportunity to really improve our community in many ways from planning for our community’s future to actually getting out and cleaning up the unwanted things in our community.  Cracking down on crime ridden areas, cleaning up debris, making both landlords and tenants take responsibility for our community are all some of what is involved during these 90 days.  To do this we need YOU.  We ask you to get involved.  Your involvement makes a statement that you really care about our community.  Your involvement does not leave it up to someone else.  Your involvement tells everyone that you want to live in a better environment and you are willing to sacrifice your time, talent and treasure to ensure that the community is the place you want to live in with peace and harmony with your caring neighbor. Do not be one of the people who relies on others.  Be one of the people who sets an example for others. Your are encouraged to get engaged and do your part no matter how large a role you choose to take on.  If you are interested please contact Patti Hogan to get involved with this project. We are counting on YOU!
There are several neighborhood cleanups that will take place in the next few months in conjunction with our NEP that I invite you to participate in.
  • March 15th we will be meeting up at Holy Family Church’s parking lot at 8:45am. Supplies will be provided.  We will work from 9 am until 1 pm. Lunch will be provided following the cleanup.
  • April 12th we will be meeting up at the Family Dollar Store located at 3410 Warsaw Avenue.  We will be participating in the Great American Cleanup in East Price Hill on this day. Once again supplies will be provided. We will work from 9 am until 1 pm.
  • May 3rd we will be meeting at Elder’s Rudemiller Commons located at 3900 Vincent Avenue (this is located between the high school and the Schaeper Center). Supplies will be provided.  We will be working from 9am until 1 pm.
You may have noticed volunteers, as well as many City vehicles roaming around the houses and streets of our community lately.  They are all part of our NEP program.  They are surveying our community for areas that need attention by the City as well as the property owners.  From this list we will be putting together our action steps for the NEP program.  To assist us in this process, we ask if you see a need for the City to be engaged in improving your block, please let us know or contact the City at 591-6000. We are making a list of needed street repairs, curb repairs, sidewalk repairs and properties that need some real attention. There are programs available to help in the process of improving the conditions of our community.
The Cincinnati Police Department is going to put forth some extra details that will assist us in addressing some of the heavy crime locations.  If you have some locations to report please let us know.

Our next meeting is scheduled to be on March 17, 2014 starting at 7:30 pm in the Holy Family Church Cafeteria.  Besides our
normal business items we have several items on the agenda that I think you might be interested in hearing more about. As usual we will have representatives from both the Fire Department and the Police Department present to report what has happened in our community as well as hear from you what your concerns are.  This is a good opportunity for you to become part of the solution to our community’s issues.
Remember to support our local businesses who are trying to provide our community with good products and services.  Their success counts on our community’s support.  Likewise our community depends on their success.  We are all in this together.
Thank you for your support,
Tom Gamel
EPHIA President

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 Meeting minutes

General Membership Meeting –  February 17, 2014 - Draft for Approval

Call to Order  - President Tom Gamel opened the meeting at approximately 7:30 pm at the Holy Family Church Cafeteria, 3001 Price Avenue, with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by roll call:

A quorum was established.
Guests and first time visitors were introduced:  4 first time attendees were introduced themselves. Welcome.
Minutes:  minutes from January 17, 2014 presented. Motion of approval by T. Bird Jr., seconded by M. Cook. Membership approved.
Communications: P. Hogan reported and submitted log to be filed with minutes. 
Treasurer Report:  J. Ridder reported and submitted Treasurers Report dated 2.16.14 to be filed with minutes. Motion by T. Croft and seconded by P. Hogan. Membership approved.
Membership Report: presented by Mary Cook.  No new members; 11 renewals.

Fire Dept.: Dan Boller reported fire data. He expressed concern about Brown Outs. Dan encouraged residents to shovel a path to their residence for any possible emergency responses.
Police Dept.: Sgt. Eric Sierra introduced the new Dist. 3 Chief, Capt. Dan Gerard. Capt. Gerard reviewed his personal law enforcement background and his scheduled approach to managing law enforcement in the Price Hill area. Capt. Gerard noted that the Dist. 3 force is undermanned and his strategy for dealing with crime is to concentrate on high crime areas that represent the great majority of criminal activity. He expressed he has received a good welcome for all the various community groups and he and his staff will do that is possible to address crime. Welcome Capt. Gerard.
Probation Dept.: No report.
Safety CAT:  A safety walk is scheduled for 2/20/14 at 6:30pm. The group will meet in the Family Dollar parking lot at 3410 Warsaw. The walk will concentrate on the Warsaw corridor that was noted by Capt. Gerard as the “hottest” crime area.
Court Watch:  P. Hogan reported that we wrote an impact statement to the Juvenile Courts regarding 3 juvenile offenders who attempted to “car jack” an EPHIA member. This is the first time an impact statement has been addressed to the Juvenile Court.
Incline Theater: T. Croft said that the Board recommended that we approve a motion that indicates EPHIA and community support for the Theater project. Tom made the following motion:
WHEREAS: The Incline Theater is a transformative investment for the revitalization of our neighborhood; Cincinnati Landmark Productions (CLP) has continuously engaged the community in the development of the project; the project includes the net addition of 125 garage and surface parking spaces; and CLP has committed to ongoing engagement with neighborhood stakeholders, including periodic updates and processes for addressing issues that may arise in the course of construction;
THEREFORE: The East Price Hill Improvement Association strongly supports actions by the City of Cincinnati necessary for the construction and success of the Incline Theater project, including amendment of the concept plan for Planned Development District 53, and funding for the extension of the Price Avenue Streetscape project to include four streets immediately adjacent to the theater’s land parcels.
The motions was seconded by L. Holthaus and, after discussion, approved unanimously Membership approved the motion that will be filed with the minutes.

Problem Properties:  No update
Price Hill Recreation Center: No Update
Price Avenue Streetscaping:  Meetings on-going. Next meeting 2/25 of stakeholders to review designs. As indicated by the Incline Theater motion above, we will be seeking an increased budget has expanded to accommodate the Incline Theater project.
Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) 2013 Stub Year: S. Rosenthal reported that there has been no new news from the City on the fund – now at two months. She will keep checking.
NSP 2012/14: S. Rosenthal made a presentation at the NSP meeting and it was approved for $5000. Fund distribution is in process.
Neighborhood Business District (NBD) 2013 Stub Year: M. Wegman previously reported that the fund was approved and is now in legal for next steps and distribution.
NDB 2013/14: T. Croft reported that NBD was approved.
Jazz Festival:  R. Busche reviewed solicitation pamphlets and are being distributed. Three acts have been booked. Budget is being developed but approximately $2800 has been committed which is about 50% of what is needed. A planning meeting is being planned in the next 2-3 weeks to gain volunteers. The date of the event is Saturday, May 17th, 11am-6pm.
Price Hill Rec Center and Dempsey Pool: No report.
EPH Business Alliance: T, Croft reported on three items; 1) a maintenance contract was established with the city to take care of a portion (10) of the business street flower pots; 2) a street planning process was being worked with an XU expert to help ensure that the Business Alliance and business community needs are matched; 3) 3 local businesses have been nominated for City Beat Best (Public Incline House, Prima Vista and BLOC Coffee Company). The community should support nominating these businesses for recognition.
St. Lawrence Town Square Update: P. Hogan reported that Jamie Bass is securing bids. Project is approximately $35K short to complete interior construction. Two fund-raisers are being planned: 1) Memorial paver campaign, 2) Dueling bartenders, March 11, 5:30 – 7:30pm. NBDIP pre-application has been submitted for a second round of funding the project.
Dempsey Park – Reds Community Fund:  The grant was submitted and we are awaiting further word.
Neighborhood Enhancement Program: P. Hogan reported that door-to-door canvas was cancelled due to snow originally scheduled for 2/8/14 and rescheduled for 3/1/14. The group will meet at Holy Family parking lot at 11:30am for sector faded street signs, curb/street repairs, properties with missing address signs, etc.

Web Site: T. Croft indicated that with the help of a consultant, much progress is being made to developing and improving our web site. Updates will be provided as progress is made. Funding for the consultant is being discussed.
Poster Campaign for Unsolved Murders: Organizers of a new poster campaign whose goal is to help solve some of the City’s unsolved murders contacted Patti about the campaign to Price Hill. The campaign was launched in Avondale and recently appeared in the news. Bringing the program to Price Hill was discussed with membership approved.

West Price Hill Civic:  No update
Price Hill Will: Ken Smith provided update. 1) PHW will again provide tax preparation assistance help, 2) renovation of the 4 row houses on Purcell Ave. at W. 8th is proceeding, 3) Great News: PHW now owns the historic Masonic Lodge at Purcell and Price. Additionally repair of the Masonic building is moving forward as a $25,000 grant was obtained for some further work. The immediate vision is to make the building available for community functions. Tom Croft commented that this success is the result of the efforts of many including Price Hill Historical Society, Cincinnati Preservation Association, City Building & Inspections, Price Hill Will and Bill Burwinkel.
Price Hill Historical Society: Representative indicated that their next meeting is March 5th, 7:00pm in the society.
Mt. Echo Advisory Committee: Greenup Day will be April 26th, 9am – 1pm. Further news to come.
Wilson Commons Advisory: Help Cincinnati Police District #3 and our neighbors clean up Price Hill. Join us Saturday, April 6th at 9am at Elder High School’s Rudmiller Common. Mary Croft said that this year’s Eggscellent Nature Eggstravaganza would be on April 12, 1:00-3:00pm. Cincinnati Parks naturalists lead this popular children’s nature program and egg hunt. 
Price Hill Library: No update
Next meeting: Monday, March 17, 2014 in the Holy Family Cafeteria.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by T. Croft, seconded by T. Bird Jr. Unanimously approved by membership
Minutes:   Minutes of this meeting submitted by Richard Zinicola, Recording Secretary.

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 Price Hill Pacer Training Program

Santa Maria Community Services and Price Hill Will are thrilled to announce The Price Hill Pacer Training Program!
Thanks to a “Join the Fun” grant from Interact For Health, FREE training sessions for the Price Hill Pacer 5K are available to all.
Sessions will be held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 9 am through June 4, 2014 at various locations throughout Price Hill.
The main focus will be to begin a walking program with the ultimate goal of completing the Price Hill Pacer 5K. If enough interest is expressed, a running program will be added. Plans are to start with short routes through Price Hill and work up to the 3.1 miles of the Price Hill Pacer.
Participants will receive:
-Free training program
-Free group t-shirts
-Free use of reflective equipment
-Free healthy snacks and beverages
-Chances to win weekly door prizes
-Free monthly celebration gatherings
-Free end of session celebration gathering
-Free bus tokens for travel to and from sessions

Best of all – FREE registration for the Price Hill Pacer 5K race if you complete half the training sessions (12)!
The first training session will be Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 9 am at Elder High School’s Schaeper Center.
For more information contact:
Leslie at 513-557-2730 ext. 408, email to or
Nune  at 513-557-2730 ext. 412, email to
To register for the training program online, visit our online registration form here.

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St. Lawrence Public Square News

As you know EPHIA and Price Hill Will been working on a public square at St. Lawrence Corner.  Here are a couple of opportunities to be a part of this
historic makeover.

First, you can consider purchasing a memorial paver. A paver can be purchase for as little as $40. Other options are available. Please follow this link to review and order.
Secondly, you can help name the public square. Follow the link and place your vote for your favorite name:

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Cincinnati Landmark Productions Unveils Plans for New Theatre
In mid February Cincinnati Landmark Productions publicly unveiled their plans for their new theatre in East Price Hill’s Incline District.  The plans were presented to EPHIA prior to the public announcement.  The theatre will seat approximately 220 patrons and plans call for a rehearsal hall, storage, offices, and a lobby bar in addition to the auditorium.  Tim Perrino, artistic director of Cincinnati Landmark Productions expects the new theatre to open in 2015.  Groundbreaking is planned for as early as late April, 2014.
The new theatre will be a state of the art facility.  The design was created with the historic character of East Price Hill’s Incline District in mind, with a nod toward the original Price Hill Incline House which once stood nearby.  The design calls for an attached garage and in addition planners ensured that as much existing parking as possible will be preserved. 
Planned costs for the construction of the new theatre are estimated at more than $5.5 million.  Commitments for more than 90 percent of the project funding are in place.  Fundraising is ongoing for the final 10 percent of the costs still needed to be raised. Sponsorships are available; individual donations are tax deductible.  A special event, “An Evening with Pete Rose” on Sunday, March 30, will bring a famous westsider back to Price Hill.  Just hours before the first pitch of Opening Day 2014 the Hit King will speak about his favorite baseball memories, tell stories from his days at West Hi, and even give his thoughts on the 2014 baseball season. Rose will also take questions from the audience. Tickets are available online by following this link:  or by calling (513) 241-6550.

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Hopes to Spur Commercial Development on Glenway

Price Hill Will announced that they’ve purchased nine parcels of land along Glenway between the Medical Arts building and Price Hill Chili. They hope to spur commercial development along this part of the Glenway business corridor. 
Price Hill Will plans to begin clearing lots as soon as Spring. They will then bring in a developer to take the lead or help Price Hill Will remake and resell the property to businesses in an effort to redevelop the Glenway strip.  The goal is to add businesses that will complement the current mix.

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Masonic Lodge at the Corner of Price and Purcell
Price Hill Will has signed a purchase agreement to buy the buy the historic Masonic Lodge on Price Avenue. The building has been empty for decades.  The intent is to turn the lodge into a space for the community and Price Hill Will’s main offices.  Price Hill Will plans to do a feasibility study to find out what it will cost to renovate the 1911 building. The study will be paid for by a $25,000 grant from the Ohio Capital Impact Corp., an affiliate of Ohio Capital Corp. for Housing, a Columbus based nonprofit focused on constructing and preserving.
The historic lodge was condemned in 2011 but EPHIA pressed the city to identify it as a local historic landmark and funds were indentified through the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority to stabilize the building.       
The historic building was designed by Samuel Hannaford and Sons. Hannaford was an architect famous for designing other Cincinnati Landmarks including Music Hall, the Emery Theatre, the Cincinnatian Hotel and the Cincinnati Observatory.

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Neighborhood Enhancement Program update…

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Character Quality for March

Tolerance vs Prejudice  Most of us have people in our lives who get under our skin – who trigger us.  We don’t agree with their opinions or behavior.  Do we treat these annoying others with tolerance or hostility?  Many times, when someone gets under our skin, there is something we can learn from them.  Maybe we make similar mistakes and don’t realize it.  Maybe that person is strong in some quality that is weak for us.  This month, when someone triggers you, take the time to consider their strengths and weaknesses and how they mirror your own.  You may see them in a whole new light.  Ultimately, we can’t  change other people.  But we can change ourselves.    To practice Tolerance,  I will…    · not confuse what is right with what is popular  · expect the same of myself as I expect of others · look for ways to help others mature · accept my own unchangeables and the unchangeables of others  ·  listen before I form an opinion.   "Tolerance consists of seeing certain things with your heart instead of your eyes." - Orlando A. Battista

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Coming events:

Saturday, March 15, 9am–1pm – East Price Hill Clean=up – to focus on the Eastern portion of the NEP target area. Meeting location: Holy Family parking lot. Lunch will be provide following the clean-up courtesy of Price Hill Kroger

Thursday, March 20, 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup Meeting Location: Family Dollar; 3410 Warsaw Avenue

Saturday, March 22, 10am – 12pm = Price Hill Plan Kick-off meeting; Location: Holy Family Cafeteria 3006 W. Eighth St.; Help plan the future of Price Hill. RSVP: During the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) we will develop a strategic plan for East, West, and Lower Price Hill that will guide the future development and revitalization of all three of our communities. This meeting is open to residents, employees, property owners, business owners, and other concerned parties in the Price Hill neighborhoods.

Saturday, March 22, 9am – 3pm – City of Cincinnati Tire Amnesty Day. Location: Dunham Recreation Center; 4356 Dunham Ln 45238; Free scrap tire disposal for City of Cincinnati residents only. East Price Hill volunteers will be collecting dumped tires. If you know of a location please email details on number of tires and exact location to

Wednesday, April 2 6:30-8:30pm - Public safety training – Block Clubs, CPTED, personal safety, identifying suspicious persons/activities, Citizens on Patrol, Citizens Police Academy, etc. Location: Elder’s Schaeper Center; 4005 Glenway Avenue

Thursday, April 3, 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup Meeting Location: Holy Family Parking Lot; 3006 W. Eighth St.

Saturday, April 12 – Great American Cleanup East Price Hill Cleanup – to focus on the Western portion of the NEP target area and Whittier Gardens. Meeting location: Family Dollar; 3410 Warsaw Avenue. Lunch will be provide following the clean-up courtesy of Price Hill Kroger

Saturday, April 12, 1pm – Cincinnati Parks Exceptional Eggstravaganza Wilson Commons, 2951 Bodley Avenue Springtime is here and it is time to think about eggs! Join in the FREE fun as we learn about eggs and play a game or two. The program will finish with an egg hunt. For children ages 3-10 and their adults. No restrooms on site. Although the program is FREE, reservations are required. Call 513-861-3435 for more information or to make reservations.

Tuesday, April 15, 6pm Landlord training presented by the Cincinnati Police Department and Assistant City Solicitor Mark Manning. Location: Holy Family Cafeteria; 3006 W. Eighth St.

Thursday, April 17, 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup Meeting Location: Family Dollar; 3410 Warsaw Avenue

Monday, April 21, 7:30pm – East Price Hill Improvement Association Meeting Holy Family Cafeteria; 3006 W. Eighth Street

Thursday, May 1, 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup; Meeting Location: St. Lawrence Church; 3680 Warsaw Avenue

Saturday, May 3 9am-1pm - Entire Price Hill cleanup – will include Western portion of the East Price Hill NEP target area. Meeting location: Elder’s Rudemiller Commons; 3900 Vincent Avenue (between high school & Schaeper Center)

Thursday, May 15, 6:30pm – Safety Walk & Litter Pickup; Meeting Location: Holy Family parking lot; 3006 W. Eighth St.

Saturday, May 17, 11am – 6pm East Price Hill Jazz Festival; Location of the festival is Dempsey Park. More on entertainment line up will be published in future newsletters

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EPHIA's Board

President: Tom Gamel
Vice President: Tom Croft
Treasurer: John Ridder
Recording Secretary: Richard Zinicola/Linda Holthaus
Corresponding Secretary: Patti Hogan
Membership Officer: Mary Cook
Directors:  Eric Buhrer
                 Ray Busche
                 Jeffrey Ensley
                 Shelia Rosenthal
                 Howard Stafford
                 Jim Turner
Trustees: Ken Rothman (2016)
               Ted Bird, Jr. (2015)
               Dan Boller, Jr. (2017)

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EPHIA Committees                    Chairperson                     Contact Info
Business District                           Melissa Wegman     
Citizens on Patrol
Housing and Development             Tom Croft                        513.244.2882
Membership                                 Mary Cook                       513.921.3804
Newsletter                                    Patti Hogan                      513.251.8538
NSP                                            Sheila Rosenthal

Parade                                         Ted Bird, Jr. 
Problem properties                        Dan Boller, Jr.                  513.471.4183
Policy and bylaws                        

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We encourage you to join the East Price Hill Improvement Association for $5.00 per year. By applying, you agree to abide by the EPHIA constitution in all actions relating to membership. You also certify that you are eighteen years of age or older. Please complete the form and mail it (or bring it to a meeting) along with your dues to EPHIA, PO Box 5420, Cincinnati, OH 45205.
I Want to Join EPHIA                                                      Please Print




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Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 5420
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Phone: 513-549-3744

Next General Membership Meeting:    Monday, March 17, 2014   7:30pm  
Holy Family Church Cafeteria 3006 W. 8th Street

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