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July 2013   Volume 23   Issue 07
In this issue:
Letter from the President     
Meeting Minutes

Board Members                  
Join EPHIA                     

Coming Events                                 
Other News 

~Thoughts from Your President ~

Well as you are all aware summer is here.  Fortunately this year we are not seeing those triple digit temperatures like we had last year.  Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of rain this summer which is good for our grass, but not so good for our hillsides and the sewer systems.   We had a very wet 4th of July week that had some soggy impacts on all planned picnics and cookouts this year.  I hope everyone made the best of it and enjoyed the holiday!!
During the Summer months of July and August EPHIA does not have General Membership meetings.  Our next meeting will be held on September 16th at 7:30 pm at Holy Family Church Cafeteria.
For your information the EPHIA board will continue to meet over the summer months. There are a lot of things happening during the next few months that warrants our attention.
SAVE THE DATE: EPHIA’s Annual Picnic ~ Mt. Echo Park, Monday, July 15th

On Monday, July 16th,  EPHIA will have its Annual Picnic at Mt. Echo Park’s shelter house starting at 6:30pm.  There will be food and drinks provided for all those who attend the picnic.  Additionally, we will play our friendly games of Bingo with loads of great prizes to choose from if you’re a lucky winner!  Please plan to come and join us for an evening of fun on Monday, July 15th  in the beautiful  Mt. Echo Park!!
Price Hill Will has aligned the funding needed to work on the row houses at the corner of Purcell and West 8th Street.  These houses have been left in poor condition for a number of years.  Price Hill Will responded to a request from EPHIA to work on this project and we are very grateful for their willingness to undergo this challenge for our community and save these buildings.
There is a meeting regarding the Police District 3 Headquarters to be held on July 23, 2013 at 6 pm at the Elder High School Schaeper Center located at 4005 Glenway Avenue. As you are aware the city decided to build the new headquarters on Ferguson Road.  At this meeting they will be seeking public input into the new buildings design. This is a very important meeting for all interested members of the community to attend. The City is planning on having other meetings later this year to discuss the future use for the existing District 3 headquarters located on Warsaw Avenue.  These meeting will also be important of all of us to attend.
The developers of the new theater in the Incline Business District are making some headway on getting the funding necessary to move on with this project.  In the next few months we are hoping to have them come to one of our EPHIA meetings to discuss in more details their plans.
I signed both the NSP and NBD grants with the City a few weeks ago for the stub 2013 year.  I am still waiting for the contracts to be returned to us signed by the City.  We have several projects that are waiting for the signed contracts to be returned to us in order to implement the projects.
Thank you for your support,
Tom Gamel
EPHIA President
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Minutes of Regular Meeting – June 17, 2013 – Draft for approval
 Call to Order  - President Tom Gamel called the meeting to order at 7:30pm at the Holy Family Church Cafeteria, 3001 Price Avenue.

Tom led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the roll call:
President Tom Gamel X Director Shelia Rosenthal X
Vice President Tom Croft X Director Howard Stafford Exc
Record. Secty. Patti Hogan X Director Jim Turner Exc
Corresp. Secty. Melissa Wegman Exc Director Vacant  
Treasurer John Ridder X Trustee Ted Bird, Jr. X
Mbrshp. Offcr. Mary Cook Exc Trustee Dan Boller, Jr. X
Director Beth Andriacco Exc Trustee Ken Rothman X
Director Ray Busche Exc      
A quorum was established
Guests and first time visitors were introduced.  ·  Dan Siler – MSD  ·  Beth Hinzman – MSD 
Minutes – minutes from the May 20, 2013 meeting were approved on a motion by Tom Croft and Bill Burwinkle. 
Communications – No report.
Treasurer’s Report – John Ridder reviewed the report for the month ending May 20, 2013.
Membership Report – No report
Fire Dept. – No report. 
Police Dept. –  Presented by Cpt. Russ Neville, PO Darrell Beavers, and PO Christina Smith
·  Holy Family Rectory: Theft in progress 6:09pm night of meeting  ·  Advice:  Look out from one another.  If something looks out of the ordinary call dispatch  911 for emergencies;  765-1212 non-emergencies.  Please note, calls regarding property crime will probably be a minimum 1 hour response time.  When calling dispatch please make clear what is transpiring.  ·  New Program for next 30 days:  Taking officers from VCS along with a couple of detectives to cover the hot spot locations with the most violent crimes within the District; will also cover crowd complaints.  The new program will not affect efforts already in place in East Price Hill. · Statistically criminal activity is down.  Crime stats were provided.  ·  Barbershop at Warsaw and Wells:  Ofc. Beavers has spoken with owner.  Owner has provided right of entry.  Owner’s younger brother is the problem.  Whenever Ofc. Beavers see younger brother  at the shop he moves him along  ·  Drug activity:  Help is needed in the 900 block of Purcell to eliminate highly visible drug activity.  ·  Partnership:  Public safety is a partnership.  Residents can’t remain inside; must speak up and let people know bad behavior is unacceptable.  ·  CIRV Call-in:  Have not seen anyone from the call-in involved in criminal activity.  There have been 2 shootings none involved gangs.  Three to five people are looking at federal prosecution which carries more prison time.  ·  Other:  A convicted felon cannot legally possess a gun.  If a person is on probation they cannot be in a house with a gun. 
Probation Dept. –  Presented by Probation Officer Jeff Wahl
·  Arrests:  London Harper gun offense in Lower Price Hill and probation violation;  Angelo Ray Trafficking in LPH and probation violation;  Antonio Clemens Drug trafficking and weapons offenses in WPH and probation violation
Court Watch -  No report 
Safety CAT: reported by Patti Hogan. ·  Next Good Guy Loitering 06/21/2013 8-11pm at Warsaw & Woodlawn  ·  Next safety walk and litter pickup 06/27/2013 6:30pm at St. Lawrence Church

Western River Walk: Presented by Tom Croft co-chair of the River West Working Group. 
The long-term goal is to create a greenway and bikeway along the 22 miles between Downtown and Shawnee Lookout. The immediate objective is to complete Phase 1 from the Lower Price Hill Riverfront to Gilday Recreation Complex. Easements or City ownership have already been secured for 3.2 miles of the total 3.7 miles. $75K has been allocated from the DOTE capital budget for preliminary design.
ower Price Hill River Front Visioning:  Presented by Dave Zelman co-chair of the River West Working Group 
Dave summarized the process and output of the visioning session held 05/04/2013 for 16 acres of unused land along the Western riverfront. The land was recently rezoned to Riverfront Recreation. This is the first time land along the western riverfront has been rezoned from industrial. Visioning session focused on access, amenities, recreation, nature, character and secondary amenities. Motion supporting the presented conceptual design of Price’s Landing: A Natural River Park was made by Sheila Rosenthal and seconded by Michael Wigle, and unanimously approved by the membership.
Metropolitan Sewer District   Beth Hinzman and Dan Siler presented a follow up on the odor complaint. 
Odor monitors are in the lines.  Natural enzymes will be placed in the sewers lines to reduce odors.  Speaking with the Director about re-initiating the Community Advisory Panel.   Membership indicated odors were slightly better.  Odors increase following a rain.  

Problem Properties:  presented by Dan Boller, Jr.  Provided problem property report. 2617 W. Eighth (property located next to the Incline Public House) ware demolished.   Also reported working with the property owners with vacant lots adjacent to their existing properties scheduled for sheriff auction.  At least one owner had successfully purchased the property.  Dan Boller, Jr. made the following motion seconded by Bob Pessler unanimously approved by the general membership. Motion carried. 
           Whereas, for several years, EPHIA has sent letters notifying
           adjacent owner occupants of abandoned 
land parcels available
           through the H.C. Auditor's Delinquent Land Sale, and

           Whereas, it is EPHIA's problem property committee's mission to
           have abandoned properties returned 
to a productive use, and
           Whereas, one of the notified owner occupants has purchased the
           abandoned parcel through the H.C. 
 delinquent land sale and has
           intentions to return the property to the standards set forth in the

           "Application for Removal of Demolition Assessment", and 
           Whereas the purchaser has asked the problem property committee
           to be in support of removing the
demolition assessment assigned to
           the purchased property so be it that;

           I, Dan Boller, Jr, a member of good standing and the chairman of
           the problem property committee
of EPHIA, move that EPHIA write
           a letter to the City of Cincinnati supporting the purchaser's
           for removing the demolition assessment assigned to the 25 x 140 lot
           located at 1315
Purcell Av, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205.

East Price Hill Business Alliance: presented by Frank Lenkerd
· A second Tuesday Night DE(Tours) hosted by the Incline Public House is scheduled for  June 18, 2013 from 4 – 6pm.  Appetizers and 1st drink are on the house.  · In the Park After Dark Outdoor Movie Night is scheduled for June 29.  Movies starts at dusk
St. Lawrence Public Square:  Patti Hogan reported the team was still waiting for a contract from the City. 
Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) and Neighborhood Business District (NBD): Shelia Rosenthal reported EPHIA had been approved for both programs but was waiting for contracts from the City.  Terry Grote will replace John Lauck and NBD manager.
Talbert House:  Ken Rothman reported ribbon cutting was held on 06/07/2013.with tours provided following the ceremonies.  A very preliminary concept drawing of the signage at Maryland and Grand was made available for viewing. 
City Budget: Tom Gamel indicated that EPHIA was still learning how the budget would be impacting the neighborhoods.
Thanksgiving Day Parade:  With the eventual elimination of NBD and NSP funding discussion arose about the funding level for the parade.  Board recommendation was seconded by Sheila Rosenthal to fund the parade up to $500 should fund raisers be unsuccessful in raising monies.  Other suggestions for raising monies were personal contribution and possibly asking Price Hill Will to help with funding.  The membership approved the motion.  Motion carried.

Traffic signals at the intersection of Glenway/Ross and Warsaw/Hawthorne:  The following motion was made by Dan Boller, Jr. seconded by Eric Buhrer 
         Whereas, the City of Cincinnati DOTE maintains expensive
         traffic lights at the intersections of 
 Glenway and Ross Avenues
         and at Warsaw and Hawthorne Avenues, and

         Whereas, there exist a great possibility that these lights were
         installed due to the traffic from the
Whittier and Quebec Heights
         Schools, and

         Whereas, both the Cincinnati Public Schools have closed and been
         razed,  and

         Whereas, the Whittier School property has been sold and thus has
         no chance of a school being
rebuilt on the property, so be it that
         I, Dan Boller, Jr. move that EPHIA write a letter to the City of
         Cincinnati requesting the DOTE 
to study and submit a recommendation
         on the feasibility of removing the traffic lights at both the
         of Hawthorne and Warsaw Avenues and at Ross and Glenway Avenues.

Much discussion followed.  Eventually separate motions were made to deal with each of the intersections.
Glenway and Ross Avenues:  membership unanimously approved.  Motion carried
Warsaw and Hawthorne Avenues:  7 were in favor; 12 were opposed.  Motion failed

Election Nominating Committee:  The following members volunteer for the nominating committee:  Eric Buhrer, Mary Croft, Frank Lenkerd, and Bob Pessler 

Price Hill Will:  Funding for the row houses located at 8th and Purcell has been approved; Mentioned Tuesday Night DETOURS at Incline Public House on June 18, 2013 from 4 – 6pm
Wilson Common Advisory Committee: presented by Mary Croft.  Mostly quiet.  Please be aware park maintenance schedule has been reduced due to Park Department budget cuts.
Robert Academy:  presented by Tracy Powers  New partnership with Finlay Market.  Farmers Market at Roberts will be open on Tuesday(s) from 3 -6pm.  Grand opening is schedule for 07/02/2013. 
EPHIA picnic:  to be held 07/15/2013 at 6:30pm at Mt. Echo Park 

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn.9:20pm

Minutes  –  Minutes of this meeting submitted by Patti Hogan.

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EPHIA's Board

President: Tom Gamel
Vice President: Tom Croft
Treasurer: John Ridder
Recording Secretary: Patti Hogan
Corresponding Secretary: Melissa Wegman
Membership Officer: Mary Cook
Directors:  Beth Andriacco
                 Ray Busche
                 Shelia Rosenthal
                 Howard Stafford
                 Jim Turner
Trustees: Ken Rothman (2016)
               Ted Bird, Jr. (2015)
               Dan Boller, Jr. (2017)

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EPHIA Committees                    Chairperson                     Contact Info
Beautification                               Beth Andriacco                  513.5155660
Business District                           Melissa Wegman               Mertzie547@aol.com
Citizens on Patrol
Housing and Development             Tom Croft                        513.244.2882
Membership                                 Mary Cook                       513.921.3804
Newsletter                                    Patti Hogan                      513.251.8538
NSP                                            Sheila Rosenthal
NBD                                           John Lauck                       513.252.2480
Parade                                         Ted Bird, Jr. 
Problem properties                        Dan Boller, Jr.                  513.471.4183
Policy and bylaws                        
Website                                        John Lauck                      513.252.2480

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We encourage you to join the East Price Hill Improvement Association for $5.00 per year. By applying, you agree to abide by the EPHIA constitution in all actions relating to membership. You also certify that you are eighteen years of age or older. Please complete the form and mail it (or bring it to a meeting) along with your dues to EPHIA, PO Box 5420, Cincinnati, OH 45205.
I Want to Join EPHIA                                                      Please Print
 Name___________________________________ Date ___________
Phone (home) __________________ (cell) _____________________
Email address___________________________________________

Newsletter via email only ______ (Yes/ No)

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Upcoming Events

In the Park After Dark: 
Saturday, July 13, 2013  8:30-11:30pm Olden View Park;  2610 8th Street.           
Hosted by:  The East Price Hill Business Alliance. 
 Bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark under the stars.   Admission is free.

MYCincinnati Goes to the Opera: Thursday, July 18, 2013 6:15pm 
Performance in Washington Park in front of Music Hall before opening night of the Cincinnati Opera’s Aida.  MyCincinnati will play excerpts from your favorite Operas: Nessun Dorma from Turandor, Triumph March from Aida, and the Overture from William Tell.   
Please visit http://www.mycincinnatiorchestra.org/upcoming-events  for more information about MyCincinnati

EPHIA Annual Summer Picnic:  Monday, July 15, 2013  6:30pm at the Mt. Echo picnic shelter 
District Three Headquarters Meeting:  Tuesday, July 23, 2013 6pm at Elder’s Schaeper Center
You are invited to attend this meeting to discuss  ·  your thoughts about the design of the new Police District Three Headquarters  ·  public space components of the project including public art  ·  how to make the new Headquarters welcoming to people from all 14 neighborhoods in Police District Three. 
If you cannot attend the meeting but wish to be kept apprised of the process, please contact Katherine Keough-Jurs in the Department of Planning and Buildings at:  Katherine.Keough-Jurs@cincinnati-oh.gov
Shakespeare in the Park: Thursday, August 15, 2013 7pm  at Mt. Echo Park 
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is proud to present the seventh annual Shakespeare in the Park summer tour performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Price Hill Cultural Heritage Fest:  Saturday, August 24, 2013 12 – 6pm  St. Lawrence Corner
Price Hill is a community with a long history that is constantly evolving.  The Price Hill Cultural Heritage Fest celebrates where we’ve been and where we’re going and where we are day.  

Price Hill is made up of three neighborhoods: East, West and Lower Price Hill.  Together we make up a village-sized community representing people and culture from around the world.  We are a little global village on the Hill.

The Fest is an annual outdoor music, arts and food festival showcasing the variety of cultures represented in Price Hill past, present and future. 
Contests:  The Price Hill: Looking Up photo contest is now taking submissions. We're accepting photos of the neighborhood in three categories: The People of Price Hill, the Architecture of Price Hill and Natural Price Hill.  Prizes will be awarded to the finalists and one Grand Prize winner at our Illuminating the Arts event on August 23.
Send your Price Hill photos to Price Hill Will by the end of business on August 2.  Photos must be sent electronically and become the property of Price Hill Will upon submission.  To receive a copy of the rules, send and email to: pamela@pricehillwill.org.
Food vendors:  Red Sesame Korean BBQ; Bistro De Mohr; Catch-A-Fire-Pizza; Cold Stone Creamery. 
Music schedule and artists will be announced soon

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Other News:

Great Parks of Hamilton County Native Tree and Shrub Sale
Great Parks of Hamilton County annual Native Tree & Shrub Sale benefits all of our parks and promotes new growth areas in our community.
Order: June 1 - Septmeber 14, 2013
Order online, fax, or mail.
Download Order Form using this link: http://greatparks.org/system/rich/rich_files/rich_files/000/000/241/original/treesale-06-2007-2013-print.pdf
Make checks payable to:
Hamilton County Park District
10245 Winton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231
Fax credit card orders to: 513-923-3926
Pickup: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Tree and shrub orders will be available for pickup at three convenient Nature’s Niche Gifts & Books locations:
Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, Saturday, September 21 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Woodland Mound, Saturday, September 21 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sharon Woods, Saturday, September 21 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Note: To ensure tree survival, all orders must be picked up on September 21, 2013. Great efforts have been taken to supply  healthy stock. Due to variations in soils, planting and care, Great Parks of Hamilton County cannot guarantee the survival of plants. Plants will be in one or three-gallon containers.
For more information, call 513-923-3665.
# # # # #
Shakespeare in the Park 2013  (Sponsored by Kroger)
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is proud to present the seventh annual Shakespeare in the Park summer tour-  beginning in August 2013!  The natural majesty of Mt. Echo park will provide the backdrop for Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”  on Thursday, August 15, 2013 7pm. 
The performances are FREE.
Please note the schedule is subject to change. Please check http://www.cincyshakes.com/shakespeare-in-the-park.html often for up-to-date information.  Contact the individual venues for details and rules regarding outside food and drink, inclement weather issues, etc.  Links are provided for each of the venues

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P.O. Box 5420
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Phone: 513-549-3744

EPHIA’s annual picnic  Monday, July 15, 2013 6:30pm  
Mt. Echo Picnic Shelter

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